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How to Play

Separate the two decks of cards.

Remove the Santa card from the ‘Stocking Room’ deck and place him in the centre of the table.

Deal TWO ‘Stocking Room’ cards and THREE ‘Help YoursELF’ cards to each player.

Players place the ‘Stocking Room’ cards face-upwards next to their Stocking List and keep the ‘Help YoursELF’ cards hidden in their hand.

Deal FIVE cards from the ‘Stocking Room’ deck to the ‘Conveyor Belt’ – (TWO face-up and THREE face-down) so that the centre of the table now looks like this.

That’s it. Get Stuffed! is ready to play.

On each turn, in this order, you get to:

1) Play any ONE action from your ‘Help YoursELF’ cards and then place it in the discard pile afterwards.

2) Choose ONE card from the conveyor belt and add it to your Stocking.

3) Take ONE ‘Help YoursELF’ card from the top of the deck and add it to your hand.

Each ‘Help YoursELF’ card offers an either/or choice – You can only play one of these options and then the card is discarded. Making the right choices at the right time is the key to winning.

We really don’t want to ruin the surprise by listing all of the 86 different options available but be assured that each turn you will get to decide whether to help yourself, or mess it up for your rival elves – and occasionally both!

Some ’Help YoursELF’ cards have secret items on them. You can choose to hang on to these and keep them hidden in your hand to complete your list without the other elves even knowing you have them – SNEAKY!

The Santa card is very powerful. For as long as you can hold onto him, Santa will provide complete protection to your stocking and immunity from all other player’s actions.

The Santa card can only be won by playing an action from one of the specific ‘Help YoursELF’ cards.

The ‘Stocking Room’ deck is also home to the dreaded ‘Noel the Coal’ cards. If you have THREE of these in your stocking at any point during the game you will be FIRED from Santa’s workshop and eliminated from the game.

You might be really unlucky and start the game with them, collect them by accident or be forced to take the last one from the conveyor belt. But more than likely, it will be the other pesky elves tossing them into your stocking. You will use the ‘Help YoursELF’ cards to keep these away from your stocking and get rid of them as quickly as possible.


The ‘Get Stuffed!’ card

The Get Stuffed! card is found in the Help YoursELF deck. If you have this card you can play it at ANY time during the game! You can use it to stop ANY action from being played. It is best used to protect yourself but can be used however and whenever you like – Even to stop another elf winning their last item.

The ‘Joker Elf’ card

The Joker Elf card is found in the Stocking Room deck. This card can represent ANY item in your stocking – including your unique item. If you are missing one item in your stocking, then the Joker Elf has you covered and you have still won the game!

So you make your tough choices, play the actions, collect your items from the Conveyor Belt & Stocking Room, try and avoid Noel the Coal and steal Santa for the ultimate protection if you can. Remember to look out for the Joker Elf & Get Stuffed! cards too. The first elf to collect all of their items, wins the game, becomes Santa’s favourite and can tell all the others to