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Rave Reviews for Get Stuffed!

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Get Stuffed! is a wonderful Christmas-themed card game that will be enjoyed by friends and family of all ages and bring a sleigh-load of merriment to Christmas tables this year.
It is simple to learn, easy to play and exceedingly satisfying to win. And there is always great hilarity if Grandma wins when she shouts “Get Stuffed!” to the rest of the family.”
Christmasphere (UK)

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Get Stuffed! is the Christmas-themed card game you didn’t know you needed, until now! It is filled with lots of fun twists and turns” – Pudgy Cat Games (New York)

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“It’s the action cards that turn a very simple set collection game into a good-natured ‘take that’ game where players will be constantly stealing cards from each other and forcing opponents to discard cards from their hand” – Boards Eye View (UK)

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“We really liked this game. My kids really enjoy it, they’re good at it and they love that I have yet to win. It’s fun, it’s light-hearted, we really enjoyed it” – GameEnthus (USA)